About BrightMemories Cinematic

Our mission is to capture life’s greatest moments so that you can focus solely on your big day! 


         We enjoy meeting new people and sharing laughs. Creating films has been our passion for many years and we are constantly growing to provide the best possible output for our clients!


Question: What is filmed versus what ends up in my final video?

We’re often asked why your finished video could be only about an hour long, when the videographers shot over 8 hours worth of footage. This is a good question, and the answer lies in the editing room. In film production it’s often said that the magic happens while editing. The same is true with your video. For example, we may shoot for 45 seconds of your maid of honor putting on your necklace, but only show 8 seconds on your finished video. This footage, combined with a great musical soundtrack and you and your bridesmaids voices all edited together creates a beautifully finished scene in your wedding video … while if we just showed the entire 45 seconds, the impact would be significantly diminished.

Question: How long is my final edited wedding video?

Each video has a unique running time. In general, your final video will be the length of your ceremony + 40 minutes.

Question: What is your wedding videography style?

We call it “Stylized Photojournalism”.  While we document the events of the day as they occur, your videographer will provide minimal direction throughout the day to help you look natural and at your very best.